Park City Utuh

Skullcandy headquarters

05   /   06   /   2017

Salt Lake City-based Think Architecture was tasked with designing an environmentally friendly structure that integrated into the landscape and maximized its striking views. According to Principal Architect Tyler Kirk,  The overall aesthetic of the building needed to reflect the future of where Skullcandy is going while maintaining a connection to its past.” The building also needed to feel like it belonged in Park City, simultaneously fitting into the technology campus where it’s located.

The design goal was to create an environment that was open and productive, and that housed all of Skullcandy’s various departments in one cohesive setting. 


Material selection was a critical component in the design process. The design team specified modern, natural building materials that would weather gracefully and maintain their aesthetic appeal for years to come. Natural stone was mined from a local quarry while zinc panels incorporated into the design.Additionally, a modern, distinctive window mullion pattern creates a visual sense of movement and energy, evoking Skullcandy’s identity as a musical and active lifestyle brand.