TEKKō™ Steel ® Metal Systems:

 Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium

Coated Steel


Tekkō™ Steel is a highly corrosion resistant hot dip coated steel that has a layer of 91% Zinc, 6% Aluminum and 3% Magnesium. The coating is applied using traditional galvanizing methods. The Aluminum and Magnesium combine to form a protective barrier on the surface of the coating, Over time the fine, strongly attached barrier creates a two-layer structure on the surface of the steel, providing corrosion resistance over 3 times that of plain zinc galvanized steel.


Architectural Façades Group, llc.

TEKKō™ Steel



Tekkō™ Steel Kuro (Black surface aspect)*


Tekkō™ Steel Hai-iro (Grey prew-weathered surface aspect)*


Tekkō™ Steel Gin’iro (Silver)




Architectural Façades Group, llc.

Architectural Façades Group, llc.